Sunday, November 05, 2006

How did the Moaning Frog get its name?

How did the Moaning Frog, Heleioporus eyrei, get its name?

For a start it has a very mournful call (hear it on this QuickTime link
from the Australian Frog Database), but is this the only reason?
I don't think so!

The Moaning Frog is very common along the southern and lower western coastal areas of Western Australia. It breeds in burrows each autumn that are located in shallow, usually seasonal, freshwater depressions, from which the male calls. From there they (including the young frogs) spread out into the neighbouring country where they daily burrow into the usually sandy soils to rest during the day and emerge at night to feed.

They are a chunky (over 60 mm in length), ground dwelling frog with large eyes and a larger tummy, both of which in my opinion aid in its cute but mournful appearance.

This is a typical Moaning Frog, look into its eye and tell me if it is not worrying whether it has left something on the stove!

This mournful expression starts very young.
This one (fresh out of the burrow) seems to be wondering if tonight will be its last.

And as for steps....... as far as this kid is concerned, it's the end of the world.

This one would have to be thinking "I'm doomed!"

Even in adult life, the depressed state of mind remains.

Some might say the Moaning Frog has a lot to contend with.

However, others learn to overcome their negative thoughts to become froggy tough-guys.

Moaning Frog, Heleioporus eyrei


MissAnthropist said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwww...I'm in love ! But I won't kiss him, lest he turn into a boring ol' prince - he is quite charming enough as he is.

And your captions are cute.

How did you get the photo with the funnelwebish looking spider? Is that photo-shopped (if that's the expression)?

Esperance Blog said...

Hi MissAnthropist, I agree frogs are so cute even when they have the most miserable expression on their face.

I take all my photos and apart from cropping to the item of interest usually go without alteration. The photo with the mygalomorph (funnel-web looking spider) is as it happened. I had been photographing the spider and the Moaning Frog came along to see what was up. After I had taken the shot, it just hoped past the spider and continued its search for less hairy tucker.

All those frogs are from different individuals captured over a period of time.

Glad you are enjoying the blog.